Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Sixth 2014


Im not sure exactly when I decided to make this, but I knew I had to finish it today.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another Caricature and a Bad pun

I did forget one rule of drawing in pencil this morning.  Dont press too hard.  The indentations in the paper affect how it looks when you photograph it.  The camera wouldn't pick up the dark in his left eye because of the glare.
I don't want to get political I won't.  However,  no one has heard from this guy about the recent events.until today.  So I figured now is a good time to do a caricature.  And here is the bad pun.....For those of you who don't know who this is, I'll give you a hint:  I was Vlad that I put in a little extra effort on this caricature.  I spent a little more time on this one than the Obama, and it came out a little better.   I can hear the collective groans and I apologize, but  once I thought of that pun, I couldn't stop myself.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Get ready for more snow...

During and after photos of the last snow storm.   Of course they say there's only a slight chance of snow.  I snapped these from my front door.  I have no intention of painting these scenes, but thought I'd throw them in here.
During the Snow

After the Snow
It was almost 60 degrees on Friday, and now I hear there might be more snow, of course not as much as we had last month but still...   This is not what I bargained for.