Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eastmoreland First Tee

Practice Fairway at Eastmoreland Golf Course
This is where most of my time is spent when I practice golf.  It's a small practice fairway between the first and ninth holes at Eastmoreland Golf Course.  I have become very familiar with these trees.  They have stopped many an errant shot from hitting golfers in the first fairway. Without them I would not have a place to practice.  This is my little tribute to them.

Old Road

The thing about the internet we all love is the immediate availability of great art.  The downside, you can get lost in all the great art.  I need to focus more on painting and posting because I've fallen behind on both.  I have two more little impressionistic watercolors to post.  I liked how this one came out because I left it loose and simple.