Thursday, May 21, 2015

Its that time of Year: But now there will be More

Evidently, my desire to post on my blog has slowed to once a year.  My last post was of my daughter Grace running last years half-marathon.  This post is of my daughter running this years half marathon.  I have been creative, but not painting.   I sorted through the reasons I have not had enough determination to paint.  There are really several key reasons.  1.  Painting just for the sake of creating is not enough reason to make me want to put something on paper or canvas.  When I paint, I want it to be for a specific purpose.  I have so many paintings and drawings hanging around that I'm running out of room to keep them.  The painting a day was very useful in getting me back into painting.  Now I need to paint something that I will either hang for myself, give as a gift, or sell.
2. Creating a painting will now take more time than I am willing to set aside.  My insane work schedule has left me with no sleep schedule.  So there is no specific time available to set aside for painting like there used to be.  Ideally, if I were to have a 6AM start time, that would leave me with a perfect opportunity.  Not going to happen at my current job.
3.  I have found an outlet for my creativity that has temporarily replace painting.  I was given a Go Pro for Christmas.  Since then I have spent a portion of free time filming different things around town.  Then editing and putting music to them.  It's incredible that only a few years ago you needed tapes and clunky editing software to create movies.  Now even at a novice like myself can shoot and edit a decent movie or Time Lapse segment for nominal investment.