Saturday, March 2, 2013

Portlandia season Finale: Banana and Garlic too...

This is my daughter Adrianne Neal on last nights episode of Portlandia.  I was obviously very proud that she pulled this off, having never acted before.  Playing the role of Candace, she did the lines and Fred Armisen voiced over so it would sound the same as his Candace character...In her scene, they decide to light candles during the blackout. The candlelight transforms her and her partner Toni into a young beauties.

I wanted to leave the post of Adrianne up a few more days, but I also have been painting.  So I added this recent Banana and Pickled Garlic to the post.  It looks better from further away. It's pretty rough but I'm done with it.


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    1. It was very cool, even though it was a very small part. The show has gained in popularity since it came out and has quite a following. But Adrianne doesn't consider herself an actress. Her modeling agency sent her to the casting and she got it, so she was surprised. She did a great job. The episode replays today and might be online, but I'm not sure yet.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Our time in Portland grows ever shorter, but I had to find the time to say congratulations. You must be bustin' your buttons and a very proud Papa. As they say...this could be the start of something big!
    Best wishes to Adrianne in whatever she attempts, including the obvious career in TV, movies and the theater.
    Have a nice weekend, Kevin.

    1. Thanks so much Gary. And you're right, It's hard to contain my pride both of my children. Adrianne is actually a model and was sent to the casting through her agency. She was surprised she got the part considering she isn't an actor per se. Have a great weekend.

  3. How cool is this?? I love Portlandia...what an awesome opportunity for your beautiful girl! Congratulations!

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