Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Start and a fond old memory

So....I was looking for something to post and found this OLD photo of both of my daughters in High School.  Grace, second from left, and Adrianne on the far right.  They were on the same 4X400 relay team in high school.  I was so proud to see both of them on the same team for once. Being two years apart that was a bit of a rarity, though it did happen in other sports as well. 
Yes the photo has little to do with my intentions in this post, but  I found it after I wrote the following....Well it seems my ship of creative output has run aground.  After a hitting a few large waves, I am attempting to right the ship and start painting again, one brush stroke at a time.  Today was the first day in weeks that I actually put brush to paper.  Unfortunately my camera battery is dead, and I can't post it today.  The good news is that I have come up with a solution to get me back up and running.  I will be doing a series of abstract watercolors on a daily basis.  These may or may not be the most effective use of my ability, but they are going to be a way to get into the habit of painting again.  As most artist know, you can spend forever thinking about painting a great work and never get one thing accomplished.  So instead of coming up with a subject that might require more time to prepare and execute, I think it is best to first learn how to get into the habit of getting SOMETHING on paper and go from there.  In fact, it's taken me longer to write this post than it did to do that first little abstract color study sitting on my desk over there.  I haven't even kept up with my  list of artists that I usually follow.  I'm thinking this will get me going on that as well.  My apologies to all of you artists who I have been following.  I haven't forgotten about you.