Friday, August 10, 2012

Water Study

This water "study" has been sitting on my table for weeks.  I finally got it to the point that I thought would be okay to post.  The idea was to generate a believable representation of someone in water.  I got close, though, the actual picture was taken from a brochure for "Aesthetic Medicine", and was more "aesthetic" in presentation.


  1. Don't doubt your success in this one - I knew immediately what it was from the little icon on my sidebar - and it drew me over to look at it in a larger size. Good work - I think there is something very elemental about humans and water that causes so many artists to paint them and we relate to them immediately. perhaps do another from your own photograph of someone in water - or get someone to model for you this summer for future reference photos!

  2. Thanks to both of you RH and Celeste for the encouragement. I have been so tied up with other things that I just haven't been painting with any regularity. I have a ton of reference photos that I've taken but I liked the way the form is distorted in the water here.