Sunday, October 7, 2012

Acrylic Abstract

Abstract Acrylic

Detail: I pasted a photo with glaze and painted around it.
I realized today that I hadn't posted this Acrylic abstract I composed last year. I hadn't worked in acrylics for decades, so I took a little course on acrylic painting and enjoyed this little experiment to test the different textures and effects one can achieve by using the different paints and glazes available.  I used about every one in this little 6 X 6. Although I was encouraged by this result, I decided to continue with my watercolor focus.  I figured I shouldn't  divide my focus, given the limited time I have to paint.  Also, investing in a bunch of acrylic products is kind of expensive if you don't plan on spending considerable time on it. If I decide to go into acrylics, I will shift my focus primarily on that.
    On the subject of focus,  I find myself feeling a strong pull toward at least a few large canvas paintings.  I have some general ideas in mind.  It's hard to go day after day feeling that there are paintings in me that need to be done, but I don't have the time to produce them.  Until that time I'll have to continue to work toward that end by choosing subjects in watercolor that will get me closer to it. 

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