Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stewart Cinks Tan Line

It has been said that if you have nothing to blog about, then don't blog.  I found myself once again feeling angst about seeing the same post every time I opened my blog.  So I had to decide whether to leave it or post something not necessarily worth the time.  I decided to post this photo of Stewart Cinks head at the Sony Open in Hawaii .  The though being that if I have to look at THIS  every time I open my blog, I will most definitely find something actually worth positng in the next few days.  We'll see if this works.

On a side note, my friend and fellow blogger Gary Everest attended the Sony Open last week and actually had some blogworthy posts about it.  Gary used to golf , and explains why he gave up the game to devote more time to painting.  I try to do both.  I have actually gotten better at golf, but haven't reached the point where I'm ready to do what Gary did.
   Oddly enough, I have not been working much the past week, yet still haven't picked up the brushes.  I crushed my foot at work and was couch ridden.  I didn't feel  enough inertia to paint anything, even though the desk was 10 feet away.  I'm feeling another flurry of creativity coming on though.  Maybe I'll start with an abstract that I can title Stewart Cinks Head as  an homage to kick starting my creativity. 
  By the way, my foot isn't broken and I'm back hobbling around on it.  Going to take some weeks to be back to near full health....and as I sat here it came to me that I could share another thing.  An artist I admire.  Rod Penner does tiny photo-realistic paintings of small towns in Texas.  His subjects are always interesting to me.  In fact just Sunday I saw a house that looked like a perfect subject for one of his paintings.
Blue Bonnet Cafe  Rod Penner

First I will show you the Painting of Blue Bonnet Cafe by Rod Penner....and I was fortunate enough to find a reference photo that he recently shared.  Yes he is technically solid, but his choice of subjects are what I most like about his work.
Reference Photo shared by Rod Penner
The reason I don't like to share reference photos on my blog is because people have actually mistook the photos for my paintings.  Obviously these are people not entirely familiar with my work, because I don't paint hyper-realistic(ally?)
Rod Penner must really have that problem.  I bet if you had to pick which was the painting and which was the photo it would take some time.  Again, while his technical skill is incredible, his subjects draw me in...I aim to prove that is the appeal of his work.  Soon.


  1. Hey Kevin,
    Sorry to learn about your foot. I hope the weather during your recuperation isn't golf-worthy, so you won't feel so bad about the layoff. Best wishes for a speedy return to the game you love so much.
    You weren't kidding about Cink's tan line! Holy Mackerel! That's not the best look for a person in the public eye. I'm a little sorry we never saw him during our time at the tournament. Did I mention we did see John Daly tee off on #17? We also were very close to the tee box when Jeff Maggert launched his drive on another hole. I wonder how many future stars we more-or-less blew-off during the day? I would think I'd died-and-gone-to-heaven if Tiger ever shows-up here. That would be a life-long memory.
    I hope you find the strength and motivation to return to the easel soon. I've got to do the same thing. Just too many distractions still. Whale watching from the lanai has become quite an obsession for both of us since Michele purchased some binoculars she's happy with. That, and watching the tomato plant grow! :) Maybe I'll soon find that special face which will get me going. Time will tell.
    Stay well and be a little more careful out there!

  2. Kevin, sorry to hear about your accident! OW! Glad to know it isn't broken. I enjoyed this post, even though your work was no where to be found. I have no doubts you'll draw or paint something soon. It's ok to let things gestate for awhile--thinking about painting is really a lot like painting and it "counts". There is no way you should quit golfing at your young age. No way! You can paint and golf too--I just know it. Thanks for the photos /Rod Penner's work...! Very good! Feel better soon. :)

    1. I appreciate the free pass you gave me regarding my failure to be productive with the brush. I do think about painting every day. It's so easy get caught in the trap of wanting your next one to be great instead of just letting it happen. I've been thinking about this large canvas I have, and wanting to get started on a real serious painting that will take more time than I usually spend. That thought is getting in the way of just doing something. So today, I will just paint. And that is that. No excuses. I will also remember your words. "thinking about painting counts". I think that will allow me to move forward rather than dwell on what hasn't been done.
      Thank you.

  3. p.s. Gary Everest is a lot older than you--he would never have considered quitting golf at your age!

  4. I just commented to Gary on golf. To be honest we are closer in age than you might think, so I would say he is a little older than me. We talk regularly, because we have those two things in common. (Golf, and painting). I reached a very big goal in golf this past season and am finally enjoying it more now. I have no plans on quitting, but I can see more of Gary's perspective now that I reached that goal. I know people who took the game so seriously that they hated it. They quit for awhile, but usually returned with a different attitude. I could start an entire blog on the game of golf as it pertains to the amateur player if I had the time. It seems to go in a pattern with people. They start off liking golf because the score doesn't matter and they hit a couple of good shots. Then, if they start practicing and get better they start to get hooked. After seeing strokes come off their score, their expectations get higher. It is at this point that the game takes hold and the yo-yo of highs and lows begins. Some stop trying and some keep on, but I have yet to know anyone who kept on who didn't hate it at some point. If you can quit at a high point like Gary did you won't need to go back to it.

  5. Okay, first, OUCH! I do hope the foot is healing and will be find without residual problems. As for not painting - well, gosh, it is January and don't we all just slow down to a crawl in January? The photo at the top did make me laugh, though - that's a tan line??? Really?? seriously needs to take the hat off once in a while! ha ha I have to tell you, I like your style of painting city scenes better than this artist. But that's just my own personal preference against photo-realistic painting. I like to see the artist in the art - and I see you in your work. So...now, if you don't want to paint, don't paint. Golf (ooops, can't with that foot, right?), or read good art magazines or books, look at stuff online - it's all simmering in there and waiting to come out when it's ready. And if I didn't tell you earlier, Happy New Year!