Monday, November 28, 2011

Woodstock Painting Rework

Woodstock Blvd. 4AM.  Oil on Canvas 18"X14"   $75.00
This is how WB4 looked last week.  It dried even more dull than this.
I wasn't able to get a very good photograph of this painting and it's still drying.  But I wanted to post it because if I decide to work on it further, I wanted to see if the changes helped or hampered it.  This is my first oil in quite some time. I had to work indirectly from the photograph since my printer was not working.
"WB4" 18"X14" Oil on canvas. 75.00.  After it dried a little I was able to add some color.  I didn't want to worry about the sight lines or perspective as much as getting some depth and color.

12-04-11  I must have taken about 30 photos of this painting to finally get something close to representing the actual thing.  I haven't figured out yet how to photograph through the gloss of oil.  The camera also warps some of the outer lines of the piece. I will say that I was satisfied with the transformation from rough to ready.  A learning experience.  I  look forward to working with oil more because of the versatility it offers. If you want to buy this painting, please email me at

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