Thursday, April 12, 2012

Remnants of the Past.

I couldn't stand to see that last post on my blog anymore.  It reminds me too much of how little I've done lately. so here's something else to look at......This is the only thing left of this painting.  All of the pictures on my computer were deleted when it crashed.  That didn't really bother me too much though. I have some online and backed others up before the crash.  This painting was cut up to use for a gift tag I believe.  Kind of a cliche painting, in fact a sample photo that comes with Windows looks a lot like this.  I've been struggling to make time to paint, but mostly because I am back to my procrastinating ways and it has caught up to me.  Should have more time once the taxes are done. 


  1. Sometimes life does get in the way of painting and tax time is one of those dreaded things!! Hope you are back to painting soon - maybe give yourself a May 1 deadline?

  2. I ended up working this Saturday, which pushed my taxes even further behind. I am almost done. Just have to find the correct amount of interest income...(a negligible amount, but the IRS is very precise about this, (read:wants every penny they can squeeze from you) so I don't dare make a calculated guess. Don't get me started on how I wasn't able to get the education credit this year because of a technicality...but you know, the wonderful thing about capitalism is that if you make a ton of money, you can afford all the loopholes. It's inspiring. Just stop making so little money and there won't be a problem....Of course this isn't the place to spout off about that but this is a special occasion for me. One of the reasons I didn't go exclusively into Art is because I didn't want to starve. And I am not starving so...Actually, I feel a a painting idea coming on.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Definitely keep painting and try not to let the _______(fill in the blank) get you down!