Thursday, March 29, 2012

Night Light Painting: On the agenda.

Photo: Woodstock Park, Saturday evening.
  It's so difficult to focus on one topic when I'm busy with work.  I've decided to start jotting down some of these ideas in my blog if I don't have time to paint in the morning .
I'm thinking about creating a series of night paintings.   I want to get back to painting scenes that include people, even if I have to add them into a photo.  I took this awhile back and will need to adjust how it is framed up since the focal point is right in the middle.  The thing I enjoy about night paintings is all the ambient light and subtle colors that are there, but cannot necessarily be seen in a photo.  A lot of artistic freedom can be exercised . 


  1. I'll be watching for this painting---I agree, it will be a good one!

    1. Thank you Celeste. This is another of those photos I almost deleted because it didn't look quite right. After seeing it again I decided it might make a good painting.