Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still Life

Green Apples    approx.  8"X9" August 2010
This is an older painting that is not in my gallery.  I did it for a daily painting last year. Work has me finding it hard to make a schedule for painting since I work most of the day.  I'm also in the middle of concentrating on a commission.  I'm pretty excited to share how that goes when it progresses. Until then I'll be pulling some from the archives, or posting sketches a little more often than in the past. At least until I get a regular schedule worked out.


  1. I enjoy seeing your older work, too, Kevin. Don't worry about time constraints - just hope you have time to watch Portlandia since you now have me watching it! ha ha

  2. Thanks RH. Luckily, Portlandia is ON DEMAND, so I'll not miss an ep. I noticed some of my earlier paintings haven't made it into my Daily Gallery, so I will be putting those in there as I go. I hate to admit it, but I still have time for golf. My excuse is that its a chance for fresh air, and nominal exercise