Sunday, March 11, 2012

A diffferent look at Carlton ST

Carlton St. (Borders)
I had a plan to cut the 4 panel painting and make it 4 panels with a border around each  I'm not sure yet if this works, so I tried it on the computer.  It didn't work as a panorama, so I left it in the 4 panels.  Any input on this would be appreciated before I go to cutting.  This was a quick cut, and I overcropped some of the painting so it does appear smaller in the top photo.  Probably wouldn't end up that cropped.  Also notice I inadvertently re-arranged them.  They might even look better as 4 separate paintings.
The Original painting.

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  1. Kevin, I didn't comment on this because I'm unsure what you mean by having 4 panels with a border around each - does that mean hanging them together like this? If so, I think it works and might make a very interesting hanging. I do like the top way you sorted them the best. Not sure that helps at all!