Monday, May 27, 2013

Fixing up and moving on

I was all set to post the nearly final painting today.  When I looked at the photo I saw a glaring error in the composition that wasn't evident until I blocked in the neck area.  So rather than pointing it out I cropped the photo so I can fix it.  I wouldn't want anyone to key in on that error because that's all you would be looking at from now on.  I blocked in the neck and left some inconsistent areas until I can get a few more layers in there to soften the edges. I remembered the advice from Gary and Rhonda which was to minimize the lower portion so as not to take stray from the focal point.  So don't worry, there will be more minimizing there as I go forward...

By the way, I need to add that I recognized that I was not as focused as I needed to be when I went in to do the neck.  I moved ahead anyway knowing that as long as I didn't do anything drastic, I could fix it.  Hopefully I was right.


  1. This is looking awwwessome Kevin! I absolutely love it!

  2. p.s. I am tuned in to see the next stage. :)

    1. Thanks Celeste. I want to finish this, but my time keeps getting pinched.

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I hope you get more than double-time for working today, Kevin, including a day off mid-week as additional compensation. You can see I live in a fantasy world. I believe one must have hope--always hope. the painting. I love the way you're thinking about it and with your approach, it will turn out as you wish. Being your own most severe critic is the absolute best way to paint--in my humble opinion.
    So, don't work too hard today, Kevin, and as soon as you're off the clock, hurry home to your family and enjoy what's left of the holiday.
    I'll be looking for the next installment of this painting with great interest!

  4. The composition is very interesting, I look forward to see next steps.

  5. Thanks, Irina. I liked the angle of this shot.