Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cityscape: New Lessons learned

As I read through the original post about this painting I realized how my opinion had changed.  So I decided to update what I think about this painting. 
It is interesting to see how my opinion can change about my own work even though I have left it alone.  This painting grew on me more and more as the weeks went by.  I began to look at all the positive things rather than where I had struggled with it.  So when I look at it today, I am satisfied and comfortable with it.  There will always be things that you feel you could have done better, but at the end of the day, if you achieve the visual result you wanted, you have suceeded.


  1. Not being an acrylic painter, I can't see the details you got "wrong" but I can tell you I like this. The warm, inviting glow from the lights and the beautiful greys that aren't dull and single colored. The interest in the painting - making the viewer look closely and take a "walk" down the street to see what's there = I like it all.

  2. Thanks RH. I am pleased with how this came out. And I made a couple of changes yesterday that got me a little closer to where I wanted to be with this. I guess that's why I'm hesitant to mention what in particular bothered me. It goes back to many years ago when I was pointing out some flaws in my work to my father-in-law. He just said,(paraphrasing)"your the only one who will notice that, most everyone else doesn't care. It's great like it is". Those words of encouragement stuck with me. Most people don't want to hear whats wrong with something. If they like it, they like it. In this case, I talked about it because it's my blog and I treat this like my artistic diary in some ways. Lastly, when I like how something comes out, I talk about it more.
    By the way, your comment about the viewers perspective gave me some great ideas. I took the reference photo early on Saturday morning. I had virtually all of downtown to myself, so I can get some very interesting angles from the street. I wish I had more time to paint. I always have more ideas than time.

  3. Hi Kevin...Great painting! I agree with what you wrote above here in the comments section...It's not necessary to talk about 'errors' because people will see what they see either way--no need to bring anyone down if they liked it and you didn't (haha!). I absolutely do like this one for sure--everything about it is spot on (to my way of thinking!) Hope you'll do more ...the warm lights are just right...and I love this composition.

  4. Thanks Celeste. Time to move on to the next painting. Take the lessons learned here and apply them to the next. I wanted to do a landscape of the sun coming up on that previous Saturday when I went up to Happy Valley to get some references. I found a nice little place I could set up to paint when I get a pochade box and more time. I imagine you get pretty good at setting up and capturing the moment when you've done it a few times.