Saturday, August 31, 2013

Busy Saturday

I'm pretty tired, but I felt the need to post this paintng.  This is the larger painting I've been working on. Seeing it online seems to help me decide where I need to make corrections.  I ran out of natural light to photograph this so it didn;t come out very clear.  I was careful to prepare the lines in this one, yet I still struggled to make it work.  Finally after piddling around with it I decided to go bold and try whatever happened to fall on the canvas.  That;s when I made the most progress.  Sometimes being too deliberate handcuffs me. I will try to get a better photo tomorrow.  


  1. came out great! Very dynamic and ....well, yes....'bold'! :)

    1. Thanks, Celeste. I made a few changes to the "final". I forgot to get a picture before I hung it at the B2 (B Squared) Wine Bar on Wednesday. I wanted to work on it a little more, but my time was up and they were opening, so I guess it's done. A new camera is on my list anyway. This will give me a reason to go down and photograph both paintings. I'm working on a third that will hang on the right side of this. It's the same size (14X16) as the first Early morning painting. The trio should look pretty good together if I pull it off. I am gaining confidence with technique more and more. This might also make me a better watercolorist. I remember loving my drafting class in school. I'll need to use some of those techniques when I do these cityscapes.