Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not finished but...Next...New Subject.

 Editors Note:    I'm inserting this in the first part of my entry because I forsee some helpful hints coming my way.  I should first point out that I wasn't finished with this painting.  I realize the sky has more detail than the foreground, which gives it a problem with depth and cohesion.  I was going to work on the foreground next.   I welcome comments, but at this point I'm not going further with this painting because of time constraints...

 Original Post;
I spent the better part of a morning trying to fix what I thought was wrong with this painting.  For a painting that has a dominating sky, there wasn't enough "drama" if you will.  I inserted some dark clouds at the top and thought about adding more.  But I got to the point that I really wasn't interested in the topic anymore.  To me, the subject itself didn't keep me interested.  The top painting is more what I would have wanted.  That's a cropped version and the camera picked up some interesting patterns that I don't see in the original. The color variations are a little different.  I would consider the top painting (in its presentation here) to be more successful than the second photo of the exact same painting below. Of course, in my hurry to blog, the second photo is blurry (once again) and as a result ends up looking much less professional.  I don't dislike this painting, and I don't consider it a total failure.  It just doesn't move me when I look at it.
I haven't finished putting in some of the grass in front and bringing in more of the contrast.  But for now, I have more pressing needs.  I need to present some finished paintings for my new project.  I don't think this will end up being one of them.
   Having said that, we all know that when someone stops worrying about a painting, they often can come back and somehow make it work .

I thought I should post something on this painting since I started with it, but encouragement is not what I'm looking for today.  I need to move forward.  Gotta go.

It does suffer a bit from the two in one problem at the is point.  The sky is not matching up with the ground quite yet.  The dimensions of the canvas are not really to my liking for this scene.

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  1. Looking back on this post is interesting. I know I was frustrated at this point, and I didn't have much time to post, so I was attempting to kindly ask that no one encourage me to work more on this painting. Since then I realize this wasn't fair to say, because it's like presenting something to someone and asking that they don't comment on it. I should ALWAYS welcome comments. I 've been looking at this paintng for months now, and it still doesn't inspire me much. I like it okay, and thought about doing more with it. I almost painted over it, but my wife Lecia stopped me. She likes it. I might post it again and ask for input.