Monday, August 12, 2013

New Beginnings and Traditional subjects

I guess I should mention that this painting is on canvas, and I'm working in Acrylic.

That tornado on the right is unintentional.  I sprayed water on the painting and the drip created that . It clearly doesnt belong here.  Maybe in another ....not a bad idea.

Looking a little stiff and plain.  I need to step it up somehow.
Part of the reason I haven't blogged in a while is my camera has decided to drop me as a partner.  It won't let me take many pictures, and when it does, it is reluctant to allow me to download them.  In any event, I took these blurry dark pics of my current project.   A traditional landscape.  I don't know how I feel about this one yet.  I do know that there is a nagging desire to change the shape of my  canvas to a taller elongated  shape.  The effect of the sky seems much stronger in the reference photo.  And I have wanted to create the elongated painting for some time now.   I haven't added any paint to the barn on the right yet and haven't filled in the foreground.  I  kind of like the more impressionistic color swatches in the first stages, but they don't quite fit with the rest of the background.


  1. Sorry to hear about your camera....! Hope it will be all right. I am liking this landscape. And the unintentional cyclone is ............kind of a cool feature...though I know it is not really there.
    Nice Clouds in phase 2!

    1. After looking at this painting, then seeing your post on Thursday, it occurred to me that this painting would work better if it was an early morning or dusk scene. I took the reference photo on a slightly overcast day and it just isn't working for me. I might go back out and take some new pics and change this one. Or start a new one alltogether.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I think they're both darn good. Besides, your "tornado" looks like a very believable bolt, "out of the blue", which I'm sure you know, can, and does happen. So, there. No more excuses for a "happy accident", as the famous Bob Ross used to say.
    So, were you as disappointed as me about how the PGA Championship turned out? It was too much to hope for, I guess. Two slaughters in a row...what an impressive pair of victories that would've been.
    Oh, well...the Masters is just around the corner and maybe it'll finally be his turn. And the Cubs are going to win the World Series!! :)
    Have a nice tomorrow, Kevin.