Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Great Saturday in Eugene

I don't often post photos of events here, but then again I don't get many chances to attend events.  My daughter Grace got us tickets to the Oregon Ducks / Utah Utes game Saturday.  This was only my second college football game and I have to admit, it was most impressive.  What a top of the line program.  The entire complex looked like a Nike ad, and I guess it was.  Ducks started slow but came out in the second half and blew the game open, winning 44-21.  Utah scored a touchdown just before halftime to make it close.  Then on the ensuing kickoff, DeAnthony Thomas returned it for an 85(or so) yard touchdown.  

Adding a few touches to the Max painting before leaving for the game Saturday

At the Oregon Ducks game with my amazing daughter Grace.     

The indoor practice Facility.  The entire building is Matte Black, though the late afternoon sun makes it appear green here.


  1. wow---what great seats! I am glad you got to go there and experience it all first hand. So cool! Love your new paintings..keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Celeste. Yeah, surprising that I didn't go to more games while my daughter was going there. Only made one. So this was a very special occasion for both of us. We had so much fun. She graduated in 2010 and works here in town.