Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oregon State: Jordan Poyer

The slightly corrected version from  the early  Sunday post.
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+Oregon State University .  Congratulations to +Jordan Poyer .  Defensive All American.
 I decided to do this watercolor of Jordan Poyer of OSU as a gift for my sister and her husband who are huge OSU fans.  I was hoping to post this watercolor before the game yesterday, but I wasn't where I wanted to be with it.  Then I watched in disbelief as OSU lost the +Alamo Bowl  to that Texas team which shall remain unnamed. This is definitely a painting that I want to make into a slideshow  (my next project today).  At times I felt like I was painting a landscape on a pinhead.    It started to become tedious and I had to back away several times to try  to loosen it up.   I'm trying not to nitpick it to death.  It will never be perfect, I just want to be able to look at it (hopefully years from now) and not regret fixing something. It took me the most part of two days to get it to this point.
My impatience almost hurt me, because I started out with NO Orange on my palette.  I had to mix the Orange about 300 times ( felt like it) as I went along and as you can see, this is an Orange dominated painting.
There were times where I couldn't find my little mixtures of blue for the subtle shadows. My palette started to look like a color hoarder's, with about 14 little puddles of paint mixtures hanging around the main colors
The challenge of getting a painting like this to look loose enough without being sloppy is considerable, because practically everything has to be in proper proportion.  I was working in an 11" X 15"  inch window.  I found out that the brushes I have are not small enough for this, and I was alternating between a stiff #1 (A Grumbacher that I've had for over 20years), and 2 way-too-soft liners.   That tiny Grumbacher saved me, because I had to remove paint in tiny spots several times, and nothing else I have will do that.

This is the slideshow I made to track my progress on this painting.  The software didn't allow me to comment on each slide.  Something I need to do to track my steps.  You will notice about halfway thru I had to wipe out the face and completely overhaul the helmet angle. The funny thing is, that was a huge mistake on the most focal part of the painting.  I remember not having a clear look at the detail of the face.  I had to go back and magnify the face to get a better idea what I needed to do.


  1. Happy New Year Kevin,
    Great work here. Wonderful action and life in this work. I hope your sister and her husband appreciate the degree of difficulty you had to endure to accomplish this outstanding painting.
    It's a very impressive work and I hope you're mighty proud of it.

    1. Thank you Gary,
      Both my sister and her husband are big supporters of my art. Not that my entire family isn't. I just sent the Woodstock Park painting to my Aunt. While I hesitate to count that as a sale since she is family, I was really honored that someone who has such fine taste in art would be interested in one of my pieces...{insert self deprecatory remark here}. I liked how this painting turned out, and I'm proud and happy that you like it as well. Sports paintings almost always end up looking a little commercial because of the subject, but there were some nice little happenings in this that make it uniquely mine. By the way, I have yet to find a slideshow maker that will allow me to do all the things I want to. I use them as self-critiques and journals for later, so I need the ability to comment on the slides. I refuse to pay a monthly fee for a slide maker, so maybe I'm stuck with what's online until I buy an APPLE.

  2. I love this and want one! Julie Poyer - mom

    1. Thank you very much. As I mentioned, this was a gift to my Sister and brother-in-law, who are huge Beaver fans. But I would love to hear from you. Maybe something can be arranged. My e-mail is OR you can reach me thru my Facebook account. Just send me a message.