Sunday, November 24, 2013

New slideshow: Not very happy with the program I bought

Tried out a new slideshow maker for my recent work.   Wasn't happy with the limitations of the program.  Can't get music to sync with the length of the show.  Music will loop when you would rather have it fade and stop.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Great Saturday in Eugene

I don't often post photos of events here, but then again I don't get many chances to attend events.  My daughter Grace got us tickets to the Oregon Ducks / Utah Utes game Saturday.  This was only my second college football game and I have to admit, it was most impressive.  What a top of the line program.  The entire complex looked like a Nike ad, and I guess it was.  Ducks started slow but came out in the second half and blew the game open, winning 44-21.  Utah scored a touchdown just before halftime to make it close.  Then on the ensuing kickoff, DeAnthony Thomas returned it for an 85(or so) yard touchdown.  

Adding a few touches to the Max painting before leaving for the game Saturday

At the Oregon Ducks game with my amazing daughter Grace.     

The indoor practice Facility.  The entire building is Matte Black, though the late afternoon sun makes it appear green here.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday on Max: Accepting the challenge.

Saturday on Max   14" X18" Acrylic on Canvas Panel
The story behind this painting began last Wednesday.  I sold the Downtown at Daybreak  painting last week.  This left a spot to fill at the B2 (Squared) wine Bar.  I was encouraged to do another cityscape so... 

I spent the better part of my Wednesday attempting another cityscape.  It did not go well.  However, as with most paintings I learned a few things along the way.  I was also reminded of a couple of things.  The most important being that you can never compromise on the composition.  I thought I could compose the painting without precisely measuring the angles.  I was wrong.  No matter what I tried the painting was just a little off.  I had to scrap the entire painting and choose a new subject.  So Saturday I chose this  challenging scene of a Max train going up the downtown transit mall.  I had shied away from this because I wasn't sure how the  Max train would end up looking.  But I really liked the scene.
  I thought I would start by painting some of the train to get some practice with the values and angles.  So I began to paint over the last painting.  As it progressed I realized that it was going well enough that I should continue.  By Sunday morning I had committed to this version.  So what had started as an exercise painting over the last panel  ended up being a finished painting.
On a side note, I took photos of the process.  At one point I washed the entire top of the painting with white to get rid of the painting beneath. This created a very interesting fog like effect with the buildings in the background of the old painting creating ghostly images and the train emerging into the foreground.  I liked it so much I almost left it as it was, but I was determined to try to finish the scene.  And I thought I could always go back later, wash it out and achieve the same effect.  Later as I was putting in the trees, I decided to try and go back to the wash.  This didn't work because the trees were now part of the painting and the effect was not believable enough.
Unfortunately the photos I took of this effect have been lost forever.   When I shut off my old camera, the lense refused to retract into the body.  Long story short,  the camera was in my pocket, and when I went to change clothes today, I stepped on the lense and effectively killed the thing.  The photos are in the camera's internal memory (another result of the dying camera) and it will not power up.  So new painting, and new camera today.  Both were long overdue.