Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reworked Daily Painting: Side Fence

Jan 21st, Saturday:  The slightly reworked version.  The camera didn't quite capture the same hues as the first, but the handles have been lightened

Jan 19th, Thursday: I thought this would be a good shadow study when I first snapped the photo. My main goal was to make convincing shadows on the fence.  The odd shadow in the middle of the fence is the power wires on the roof.  I thought they added an interesting shape to the painting.  Might have to do further work on the shadows.  Haven't decided yet.


  1. I like this, Kevin, but think I'd lift some lights from the handles of the wheelbarrow to show us the sun hitting there. You could add more intensity to the shadows but then that might make it more about the shadows...your call on that one :) I do think the shadow shapes add more interest to the wooden wall (which you've done very well). I thought you were in a slump, my friend!! And here you are painting or drawing every day - that's not a slump :)

  2. Thanks, RH. Getting back to basics pulled me out of the doldrums and I was able to put together a couple of very satisfying efforts. You caught me RH. I worked on the handles too long and finally left them alone. But I knew they weren't quite right, and this morning I did exactly what you suggested before I even read your comment. I'm still making a few changes, and I will post the reworked painting later. It surprised me that you were able to catch that flaw in this painting without even seeing the reference photo. Because the photo doesn't show the shadows contrast as much in the handles.