Monday, January 23, 2012

"Final" Abstract Landscape.

Final version of the Abstract Landscape. Although clearly it is not abstract, It started as an abstract and since I didn't use a reference photo for this painting, that, in my mind  qualified it as "abstract'.
In this detail, you can see how I allowed the paint to pool to form the shapes by putting color in, then pulling them out with fresh water.  There are times when I will add paint to these pools to create a shadow or highlight.
This is my final posting of the abstract landscape that I began last week.  If you want to see the total process that went into making this painting, you can refer to the post titled "UPDATE: Abstract Landscape".  This project inspired me to do more like this.  I found it frees the hand and good things come from this somewhat free form of painting.


  1. Very interesting and unique way to make the bark on the tree - I like that tip and may try it sometime to get that look. I think this is a very successful painting!

    1. Thanks, RH. That loose form works particularly well on Strathmore cold pressed plate bristol (5ply will buckle less). Here I just used a sheet of the Canson 140lb cold pressed.