Friday, January 6, 2012

The Yupo Watercolor challenge: Rose Bowl Champions

Congratulations Ducks

For the Oregon State fans...If you despise the Oregon Ducks, my apologies. In the past I have shied away from painting sports action scenes for two reasons.  Firstly, most of the photos from these scenes are taken by  professionals.  In my mind, this somewhat compromises the integrity of the painting because the composition is not entirely my own.  Secondly, there are licensing limitations to what I can do with such paintings. Having said this, I felt compelled to congratulate the Ducks by painting this photo of De'Anthony Thomas breaking away for a touchdown.  I've wanted to do more  action paintings because they can convey such high energy...about this painting...

I was looking for a piece of Strathmore 3 Ply plate Bristol  for this, but found this sheet of Yupo (I believe that's what it is). The paper is very resistant to watercolor paint, so there is a lot of pooling and separating when you apply the paint.  This can work okay if you are patient and go back over and  force the paint in, or if you want to do more of a gestural painting.  Another up side is that it is easy to remove areas of dark and it can add texture to the piece.  I knew this was difficult paper to work on because I used a sheet for the Lutz Tavern watercolor a few months ago, and vowed not to try to use it again...yet here it is.  I didn't want to do much more than a sort of impressionistic rendering, but I found myself working more and more on details to make the piece recognizable.

Once again I find myself wondering if I should try to finish it.  It doesn't feel quite right.  I will probably go back and evaluate what it needs later to make it more cohesive.  I am posting it because I really like some of the textures that are created when working on this paper.

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